Joint Programs

Joint Masters Degrees in Architecture and Structural Engineering

Graduate students can obtain their Masters in Architecture as well as a Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering through this dual degree program. Students with the School of Architecture may take structural engineering courses in Civil and Environmental Engineering starting in their second year of graduate study. Correspondingly, graduate students specializing in structural engineering within Civil Engineering may take courses in the School of Architecture commencing in their second year.

The joint degree program is ideal for graduate students wishing to receive an integrated, multi-disciplinary education with both breadth and depth in structural engineering and architecture. This dual Masters degree in engineering and architecture will enhance the career potential for students seeking challenging positions as design professionals. Recipients of this joint degree will be sought by industry for their knowledge of, and competence with regard to, architectural and structural design. Degree recipients will have a greater aptitude for design, planning and construction of large architectural projects. Furthermore, they will be valued for their in-depth understanding of computational and solid mechanics, material behavior, analytical tools, and latest building code specifications; all of which increase their competence with regard to achieving effective architectural and structural design solutions.

The program builds upon the quality of the existing M. Arch and MSCE degrees. The depth of coverage in any one program of study is the same as for separate programs. A total of 78 graduate hours are required for the dual degree program.

Participation in the dual degree program is not automatic. Students must first be admitted to the graduate program in their entry department (i.e. architecture or civil engineering). Prospective graduate students can apply online for admission to their entry department at the Graduate College website. If approved, the application along with academic records will be forwarded to the second department for admission consideration. The applicant will be notified in writing when admitted to both departments.

For further information, please contact Professor Larry Fahnestock.

Detailed information is also available on the School of Architecture’s website.