Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff


  • Daniel P. Abrams

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1979

    Expertise: Structural design; masonry; earthquake engineering.

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  • Ange-Therese Akono

    Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

    Expertise: Fracture mechanics; micromechanics; multi-scale experimental

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  • Bassem Andrawes

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Structures), Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005

    Expertise: Earthquake engineering; seismic retrofitting and emergency repair of structures; bridge engineering; structural applications of smart & advanced materials (e.g., shape memory alloys, SMA-FRP composites, carbon nanotubes.)

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  • Eun Jeong Cha

    Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012

    Expertise: Structural safety and reliability; risk-informed decisions for structures and civil infrastructure; resilience of civil infrastructure systems; life-cycle analysis; earthquakes; hurricanes; floods; terrorism; multiple hazards.

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  • C. Armando Duarte

    Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics, University of Texas at Austin, 1996

    Expertise: Computational methods and mechanics; multiscale material and structural analysis; computational fracture mechanics.

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  • Ahmed E. Elbanna

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 2011

    Expertise: Constitutive modeling (friction and adhesion); earthquakes: mechanics to engineering; modeling of biological materials; bio-inspired design optimization.

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  • Larry A. Fahnestock

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Lehigh University, 2006

    Expertise: Steel structures; earthquake engineering; progressive-collapse mitigation; large-scale testing; seismic bridge design; integral abutment bridge response.

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  • Paolo Gardoni

    Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, 2002

    Expertise: Reliability, risk and life cycle analysis; decision making under uncertainty; performance assessment of deteriorating systems; ethical, social, and legal dimensions of risk; policies for natural hazard mitigation and disaster recovery; sustainable development and planning; earthquake engineering and engineering ethics.

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  • James M. LaFave

    Ph.D. in Civil (Structural) Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1997

    Expertise: Structural testing & modeling of concrete, masonry, timber, GFRP, metal, and elastomeric connections; seismic assessment of bridges; integral abutment bridge behavior; fiber-reinforced concrete; cross-cultural engineering communication.

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  • Frank Lombardo

    Ph.D. in Wind Science and Engineering, Texas Tech University, 2009

    Expertise: Wind Engineering; Infrastructure Resilience; Multi-Hazards.

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  • Oscar Lopez-Pamies

    Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania and École Polytechnique, 2006

    Expertise: Reinforced composites; foams; soft active materials (e.g., electro- and magneto-active composites, shape memory polymers); material defects; material and structural instabilities.

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  • Arif Masud

    Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics, Stanford University, 1993

    Expertise: Multi-scale and stabilized finite element methods for fluids and solids; fluid-structure interaction; computational micro-mechanics; multiscale modeling of materials.

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  • Billie F. Spencer Jr.

    Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1985

    Expertise: Smart structures and materials; structural health monitoring; wireless sensors; hybrid simulation.

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